What You Should Know About Unique Diamonds Project

All thanks to the DMD diamond blockchain that support the host of third-party projects — through providing first industry advantages like dynamic block times, instant finality of transactions, instant final blocks, bigger and faster blocks, access to true random numbers unlike consensus of other blockchains, robust security, higher efficiency and cheaper transaction cost, far better than other blockchains in the industry.

Unique Diamonds — the first third-party project to get launched on top of the DMD diamond blockchain. It features an NFT smith — to mint NFTs, an NFT Marketplace — where buyers and sellers could meet to change NFTs ownership and a DMD-themed NFT collector experience.

The Unique Diamonds is a blockchain-based collector game with an exciting web user interface (a website), targeting crypto-affine and collector mindset audiences like you — who don’t mind having fascinating collector experiences. With Unique Diamonds, you can mint 24 unique diamonds (NFTs) per day with attributes that are randomly calculated. You can cut the NFTs using the cutter, engrave the NFTs, lend/rent the mine, and lend/rent the cutter.

It also has well-balanced game mechanics that are immutable, no registered users, and open source smart contract codes visible on GitHub. However, some marketplace and front-end codes are closed source, hence, includes activities that exist outside the blockchain.

Overview of the Unique Diamonds Game Mechanics

The Unique Diamonds game mechanics work through soft burning (soft burned DMD are rolled out again slowly as bonus rewards on the DMD Network to validator over a multiple years timeframe) the native DMD diamond coins to mint unique Diamond NFTs. These NFTs represent the same value as the burned DMD diamond coins, and nothing less but also have a lot of attributes that make each of them unique. However, the NFTs have more value because they are rare.

The game also allows players to level up the diamond mine to find out raw diamonds, either through soft burning of native coins that results in NFT minting or via burning the minted raw diamonds. The game helps to level up the diamond cutter and improve raw diamonds either via cutting the diamonds or via burning non-ideal cut diamonds which result in good and more valuable collectible diamonds.

Lending or renting a diamond mine for a specific time is only possible via auctioning the rent price. When you lend out, you are not eligible to generate NFTs within that specified time. The one you lend to, let’s say for a day (24 hours), can mint NFTs within the time, using the default mining frequency of 1 time per 1 hour. The renter is required to burn his or her own native DMD coin to mint the NFT, however, the lender’s mine skills apply. Lending or renting a diamond cut operates the same way the diamond mine works.

Furthermore, NFT images are displayed only in 2D for MVPs (Minimum Viable Products). All metadata of addresses and NFTs are stored on-chain with the DMD diamond blockchain. Conclusively, we envisage seeing third-party game projects utilizing unique diamond NFTs in the future. We envision serving as a power-up asset for weapons or armour in fantasy games, or as extra luck bonus assets in casino games, or a base for creating metaverse jewellery pieces, and lots more use-cases.

While we forecasted 2025 to be another all-time high (ATH) year for Cryptocurrencies, we intend to bring unique diamonds marketplace by Q2 2023, and from now on, create buying pressure for our native coin, provide additional use-cases for our blockchain, attract additional users to the game and the blockchain, ignite the attention of more investors to our blockchain — all to have competitive advantages in the crypto and blockchain industries.



DMD DIAMOND the world’s first blockchain with a cooperative HBBFT consensus supplemented by a dPOS-based validator election plus EVM smartcontract abilities.

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DMD DIAMOND the world’s first blockchain with a cooperative HBBFT consensus supplemented by a dPOS-based validator election plus EVM smartcontract abilities.